The Best People I Know

Many people are aware that November is National Adoption Month. What you may not know is that yesterday, November 3rd, was Orphan Sunday. This is an initiative fostered by the Christian Alliance for Orphans in an effort to spur on the efforts of the global church to follow our call as Christians to care for the fatherless. For the second year in a row, as part of our leadership roles for our church’s adoption, foster care, and global orphan care ministry, my wife and I helped organize our church’s participation in this special day.

As part of our services, our church’s media team showed the story of a family’s recent adoption of their foster daughter, and it brought me to tears. Their story was truly beautiful, and I’m so grateful that they shared it with us. But what’s amazing is that since we adopted our daughter five years ago, I have been privileged to watch many stories like theirs unfold. Every story has some amount of hiccups or hardships, and even in some cases, absolute heart-breaking circumstances. But so often, these parents and families persevere beyond human comprehension or understanding.

Being a part of this fraternity of adoptive and foster parents is so incredibly humbling. I’ve seen people persevere beyond what they felt was possible, overcoming the obstacles that always seem to come up, and provide a family for children that in many cases have never had a family, or who have never been part of a safe family. I get to witness an incredible amount of selfless, unwavering, and determined love, and it gives us a small glimpse of God’s love for us.

God knows every part of our past, yet He continues to pursue us. He knows that in many cases, people will reject Him, yet He continues to pursue us. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and yet He pursues us (Jeremiah 7:13). He is not waiting on the sidelines, He is not an absentee landlord, and He is not sitting idly by watching as children go uncared for and unloved. He resides in the hearts and lives of His people, and He has sent them to care for orphans (Jeremiah 22:3) and speak up about injustice (Psalm 82:3) so that people will see how big, vast, and wide His love is for us (Ephesians 3:18). Sounds familiar, right? You will find these themes and others like them woven into the fabric of stories of adoption, fostering, and orphan care.

To every person and family involved in foster care, adoption, or global orphan care, I want to thank you for showing up day-in and day-out and being faithful, in some cases beyond what I thought was possible. Thank you for helping to restore my faith that God is truly with us. Thank you for bringing Heaven into our world and showing everyone that what is impossible with man is truly possible with God. You truly are my heroes and quite simply, the best people I know.

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