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Grander Scheme of Things

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I started a course at Denton Bible Church (DBC) back in January.  It’s called the Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP), and this course is used around the world to provide Bible education for missionaries and pastors.

Tonight, we had the privilege of hearing from a pastor from India.  He told us about how he is teaching BTCP in India, and how the country is likely more open now to the message of Christ than it has ever been before.  Not that there is a revival going on, per se, but he’s seeing some inroads that he has not seen before.  He also spoke of work that he and his counterparts are supporting in other countries such as Sri Lanka and Nepal.

We listened to story after story of people hearing the gospel for the first time. One man was a migrant worker from a village 20 hours away. He heard the gospel and believed, and within a couple weeks, had returned home and shared the Gospel with his friends who also believed. He had received a New Testament from a missionary, so he called the missionary to ask if his friends could get a New Testament as well, and of course, he said yes. Within a couple days, that missionary was visited by two men from that village, who traveled 20 hours one way just to get their New Testament in person.

Specifically in Nepal, he told the story of a couple that saw children with suitcases walking in the streets.  When they asked why these children had suitcases, they were told that the children were ophans, and that these bags carried anything and everything they owned.  They lived on what they were given from begging for money on the streets.  The couple asked what would happen if they asked these children to come home with them, and they were basically told that they children would just go home with them.  They ended up taking home 8 children at first, and now have more than 200 children in their care at 3 different locations.  They don’t call these places orphanages, they call them homes, and they consider these kids their children.

Hearing the story about the kids in Nepal, I could not help but get choked up because I thought of my daughter, Alina, who we adopted from Russia in 2008.  There are children around the world who are in need of care and love, and they will absolutely change your life for the better if someone will take the opportunity to open their hearts and take them in.  While there are hundreds of thousands of children in need, there is no excuse for us not to do our part.  As Andy Stanley so eloquently put it, “do for one, what you wish you could do for all.”

During our usual break during each class, I happened to check my work email with my phone.  I saw a couple of heated emails going back and forth about some expense allocations.  For those that are not familiar with what allocations are, it’s essentially expense shared between more than one part of a business.  The debate was about how much each business was paying for, not the TOTAL expense mind you, just who’s wallet it was coming out of.  I just had to laugh a little to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I am just as irritated as anyone about the allocations, but in the grand scheme of things, this discussion meant so little compared to the care of children, and the eternal well being of many others.

It just reminded me that God wants us to make time in our lives caring for others and helping direct people to Him.  Many of us need a day job to help accomplish this work, and to help fund the work being done by others in countries around the world.  We all just need an occasional reminder, and tonight was certainly one for me.